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Athletic performance

Launcher BobMankoff United States
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I am interested in being able to calculate how running a times ievents increase as a function of distance. There is a well known power law that describes this function whose exponent is about 1.1. The equation is T=cD to the n power where T is running time and D is distance. I'm attaching a paper on this which describes how the equation applies to world records in running. My interest is in seeing if the exponent is slightly different for different individual runners. So I would like to develop a program in which could enter data such as below, determine the exponent and then input a different distance to get a prediction of the the time for that distance

Distance (meters) Time (seconds) 3000 440 5000 772 10000 1610

Answers (1)

  • daniel.branscombe
    Aug 12, 2012


    I am wondering in what format you would like this program: I can quickly create an excel spreadsheet that would implement the calculations you are wishing. Please let me know in what format you would like the program and I will provide it for you, if I am able. I have already completed the excel spreadsheet, so if that is an acceptable format please message me and I can send it to you.

    Thanks, Daniel Branscombe

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