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What's the difference between electricity made by animals and that made by lightning and generators?

Launcher Moriarty
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biochemistry Evolution/Evolutionary biology


All living beings produce electricity, except of course the amount of voltage, what is the difference between electricity that living beings produce and that made by the atmosphere like lightning and that produced by generators?

Answers (1)

  • Harlene Flores
    Aug 19, 2011

    Electricity is created by the movement of a negatively charged particle called an electron from one atom to another. Electricity in living things is the energy that enables movement of signals to the different parts of the body and is produced when the electrons on the millions of atoms in the body move. It is called bioelectricity and is a naturally occurring phenomenon. In the human body, a very small amount of voltage (about 100 millivolts) can be generated though there are some animals such as eels and sharks that can generate larger amounts of voltage.

    Electricity produced by the atmosphere such as lightning and those produced by power generators are generated by transforming one fundamental form of energy to another: lightning is generated from static energy while electricity from generators is generated by electromagnetic induction from mechanical energy. Electricity generated by lightning can generate a typical electrical current of about 30 kiloAmperes – enough current to light more than a hundred million light bulbs, while electricity generated by power generators differ depending on its industry application.

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