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Wanted, tables of world incidence of diabetes

Launcher poly Australia
Status Vaulted: Jan 26, 2015 07:17




A table is wanted for as many countries as possible showing their present diagnosed figures for different types of diabetes. Data on possible changes in these figures in the past would be useful. (ZBL#113)

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The attached PDF of a spreadsheet file on incidence of diabetes, in different countries and at various dates, was produced by Zombal member Plethodon. It is part of a study to investigate influence of various sugars in the diet on diabetes.

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  • poly said:

    Please send the .xlsx file to Charlie, <>, thanks.



Hi, this is a fairly vague request. Current data are readily available on the net, decreasing in availability with time and third world nature. Can you clarify?

Asked by indy on Mar 06, 2011


Hi, thanks for your interest, but this zomb has now been successfully completed. Cheers, Poly.


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