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Wanted, table of consumption of types of sugar in many countries of the world.

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Status Vaulted: Jan 26, 2015 07:00


national, global, and local statistics sugar food consumption


A table is wanted for as many countries as possible showing their per-head and national consumption per year of different types of sugar and other sweetening agents such as honey. The sugar consumption will need to be broken down by type (cane, beet, corn syrup, etc) and by category (refined white, raw, brown, etc). For refined white sugar, any data on degree of purity and any change in this over the years would be useful. (ZBL#112)

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This zomb asked for data on amounts and types of sugar consumed in various countries over recent years, with possible correlation of sugar consumption and diabetes.

While Ann Nolan's results showed that sugar consumption and diabetes incidence have both increased markedly in many countries over recent years, plots of one parameter against the other were not clear enough to show any definite correlation. It appears that another as yet unidentified factor is driving both increases.

On the other hand, Ann's results on changes in diabetes incidences in various countries were invaluable source material for a new explanation of the cause of diabetes -- see "Innerlandia -- The Unexplored Continent Within Your Body (Is Improved Public Hygiene Ruining Your Health?)" at

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Do you have the dataset and need to build the reporting or you need data to build the table?

Asked by Justin Kameni on Dec 31, 2011

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