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Possible Liquid Water on Mars

Launcher vishal730
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Does the recent finding of "possible liquid water on Mars" have a big impact in the search for another planet that can sustain life?

I am enjoying a sabbatical and frequently browse the net for interesting news and current events. My interests were piqued by recent news about seasonal streaks on Mars that could mean flowing water. If this is true, does this bring man closer to finding another planet that can sustain life? Do you think this warrants further study and maybe a mission to Mars?

Answers (1)

  • Icarus
    Aug 21, 2011

    Although the existence of water on Mars in the form of ice has been confirmed for years, the discovery that there might actually be liquid water on the red planet may have a great impact on both the search for life on other planets and the chance that we would try to colonize other planets for habitation.[1]

    Water is generally considered as the cradle of life, and as life's resiliency and adaptability to any kind of harsh environment as long as there is water available has surprised scientists before. If liquid water still exists on Mars then there may be a chance that life may still exist on the planet as well. The discovery of life beyond our own planet would not only change opinions (and probably theological sentiments as well) of the possibility of intelligent life in the universe, but may also lead to the development of government programs to advance space travel and inter-planetary colonization[2]

    One of the main problems in forming a colony on Mars is where to get enough water to support living there for prolonged periods of time (bringing several years' worth of water along the trip is not really viable as it makes the mission financially demanding (the estimated cost to bring a pound of material into space is about $20,000) and there have been proposed methods of extracting water from Mars' frozen ice.[3] The availability of liquid water on Mars would reduce the complexity of the process of terraforming the planet.

    If the presence of liquid water in Mars is actually confirmed, it may not be long until we see further missions to the planet to discover more of its secrets.

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