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Paradox 1 - Where was I?

Launcher dawei China
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At midday on June 29, 1979, I was in Honolulu, Hawaii. At midday on June 29, 1979, I was in Perth, Western Australia. Both these statements are true. What is the explanation? (Q10 for the first correct answer).

Answers (1)

  • Erik Montes
    Sep 23, 2011

    Time zone difference would be the answer. Perth, Australia is UTC+8 hours and Honolulu, Hawaii is UTC-10 hours; an 18 hour difference. Perth is 18 hours ahead of Honolulu. A flight from Perth, Australia to Honolulu, Hawaii takes around 10 hours. So it was possible to be in Perth, Australia at 12:00PM on June 29, 1979 then take a flight and arrive in Honolulu, Hawaii at around 4AM on June 29, 1979 and wait a couple hours until it was 12:00PM.

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