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Mass of various particles in the Solar Wind?

Launcher poly Australia
Status Vaulted: Jan 26, 2015 06:35


solar wind


If 'Solar Wind' relates to particles (as opposed to radiation) received by the Earth from the Sun (including those gathered in by the Earth's magnetosphere), how many of each sort of particle (electron, proton, other) are received per day? (ZBL#110).

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This zomb was to enquire whether the Earth could acquire or had acquired a net negative charge with respect to the Sun, as a consequence of electrons within the solar wind climbing more readily up the Sun's gravity well than protons (electrons being much lighter particles than protons).

Brian Dodson's analysis showed that any such charge disparity (which would result in an attraction between Sun and Earth much greater than that of gravity) must be small or transient, as a negatively-charged Earth would deflect away negatively-charged electrons from the solar wind and attract positively-charged protons or other nuclei.

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  • poly said:

    An interesting outcome and result.


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