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Direction of radiation from the Sun

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Status Vaulted: Feb 03, 2015 07:53


spectra or spectral lines solar radiation star rotation


It's usually said that the Sun emits radiation equally (and implied, with identical spectrum) in all directions. Is there any practical (non-theoretical) proof or disproof of this?

What I'm looking for is whether the Sun's emissions from its poles are any different (and if they differ in spectra) from its equatorial radiation. Please bid on this basis. (ZBL#150).

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Darin Ragozzine's response to this zomb shows clearly that radiation from the Sun is essentially the same as viewed from any direction, including from a sun-polar direction. Moreover, the same result applies to other Sun-like stars elsewhere in the galaxy, with one exception: very rapidly-rotating stars are distorted in shape from spherical, and show "gravity darkening".

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