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Bringing water to those that need it.

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We all know that water is important to life, yet millions still do not have access to safe drinking water. What steps are being made to help bring this important resource to those that need it, and will we ever have clean water sufficiency?

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  • Harlene Flores
    Oct 20, 2011

    Water is indeed a very vital resource in our daily lives yet according to, the access to safe water remains a difficult challenge for about one billion people. Around the world, there are different organization and programs that aim to improve drinking water supply.

    The UN for its part included the improvement of sanitation and drinking water supply to its millennium goals. It aims to decrease the percentage of the population who do not have sufficient access to safe drinking water by as much as 50% in a 25-year span, starting from 1990. According to the, so far this goal is being realized and seems to be able to meet this goal come 2015. With regards to basic sanitation, however, the goal is still off the mark especially on developing regions. The goal of improving basic sanitation plays an important role in sustaining clean water supply but at the moment these improvements are still difficult to attain especially for the poor.

    There are also many charitable organizations that has taken the goal of providing drinking water supply to those that most need it their mission. One of this organizations include which has offices in the US, South Asia and Africa. The organization believes that the problem on drinking water supply is not about the lack of resource, but of how to access this resource. Their primary approach to this crisis is the provision of projects that undertake digging water wells and installing pump systems as well as community education on proper use of water systems and good hygiene. Its featured projects are in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Honduras, India, Kenya and Uganda.

    Governments in different countries also include improvement of drinking water access as one of their goals. Regulations are developed that help to ensure these goals. For example, The European Union has passed directives called "Directive 2000/60/EC" also known as the Water Framework Directive and "Directive 98/83/EC, or also known as the Drinking Water Directive.

    The quest for safe drinking water being available to everyone is a huge mission that takes time and significant public participation.

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