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Wanted, artist's impression for Hydro Medusa extracting water, electricity, and fuel from the air.

Launcher poly Australia
Status Vaulted: Nov 03, 2011 08:37


water sources and supplies electricity sources and supplies hydrogen communications balloons Hydro Medusa


The Hydro Medusa device is intended to extract water, fuel (as hydrogen), and electricity from the air, and also act as a platform for communications. It is based on an EFTE-skinned hydrogen balloon maintained at about 1 km up in the air, as in the attachment. An artist's impression based on the preliminary sketch is wanted. Suggestions on functional design matters are also welcome. (ZBL#133)

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In this task, an attractive computer-graphic illustration was generated by Erik Montes for the client through an iterative process, starting from a crude sketch and refining the graphic in the light of client requirements.

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