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Wanted, a sketch design for a portable snow-making machine which could be towed behind a vehicle.

Launcher poly Australia
Status Vaulted: Jan 26, 2015 03:57


sketch design snow-making machines fire control


The bidder needs to know how snow-making machines work to bid on this zomb. At this stage, engineering drawings are not needed, but offers would be welcome. Related zombs have label 'fire control'. (ZBL#104)

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Snow as a fire-fighting agent.

The author found this investigation extremely interesting however feels that the size requirements make snow making an impractical and costly method of fire fighting compared to conventional liquid fire fighting techniques. It was surprising to find just how effective snow could be as a fire suppressant, when considered using the principles of modern fire fighting. The high surface area and large energy required to vapourise make it ideal for rapidly cooling gases, extinguishing fire, displacing oxygen, cooling boundaries and preventing re-flash.

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  • poly said:

    A very penetrating and useful analysis. Poly.



These things take enormous amounts of water: about 4-5 gallons per cu ft of snow. That's about 200,000 gal per acre-foot. Although a truly portable system would bring its own water supply, eg, a tank truck towing the snow maker, it wouldn't make very much snow before refilling. Since this sounds like a brush fire suppression application, are you planning on siphoning from a nearby water source?

Asked by indy on Mar 06, 2011


Fire brigades have different methods of supplying the water they need, from their own tanks, from hydrants, from available ponds, and so on. These sources would continue to apply. What is wanted here is a method of turning this water into snow before spraying on fires. Cheers, Poly.


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