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Feasibility & Design for the Simplex Electronic Telescope

Launcher poly Australia
Status Vaulted: Jan 29, 2015 09:28


digital telescopes electronic telescopes electronic image sensor - EIS


A feasibility check and design hints are wanted for the proposed Simplex Electronic Telescope as sketched in the attached file ZBL141X.pdf. The telescope is based on a conventional reflector telescope, with a concave mirror at the end of a tube focussing a distant image. Instead of a secondary mirror, the SET has an electronic image sensor (EIS, typically a CCD or CMOS device) as used in digital cameras or video cameras. Input from the EIS is fed directly to a screen such as an LCD screen. This screen may be behind the telescope tube or separate. Focussing for closer objects, as for a security camera, can be by sliding the EIS. Magnification can be by 'digital zoom'. (ZBL#141).

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Here is a useful look at how affordable electronic telescopes might be made as consumer devices, with viewing on a computer or LCD screen instead of directly by eye.

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