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Feasibility and Design for micropower sharp infrared broadcast antennas

Launcher poly Australia
Status Vaulted: Jan 29, 2015 09:18


infrared radiation broadcast antennas integrated circuits manufacture and fabrication half-wave dipoles


Theoretical and practical analyses are wanted for low-power devices able to broadcast sharp infrared lines from micron-scale metal shapes. Two questions need answering:

1) With radio broadcasting antennas, metal rods (half-wave dipoles) are activated to produce radio waves of wavelengths typically twice the length of the rods. If tiny rods (5 - 20 microns long) are fabricated and activated to act as antennas, will they produce infrared waves of wavelength twice the rod length?

2) How can such tiny rods be made and connected, for example can integrated-circuit manufacturing techniques be used to make infrared antennas on a chip? (ZBL#140)

More information in the attached file ZBL140X.pdf.

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This zomb was to investigate methods of producing sharp infrared radiation at low power, possibly from tiny radiative antennas of similar scale to the infrared wavelengths required.

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