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Feasibility and Design for Bush Microwave Ovens

Launcher poly Australia
Status Vaulted: Jun 10, 2013 02:16


bush microwaver microwave ovens manual power flywheels third-world conditions


A primary cause of harmful deforestation and loss of vegetation cover in poorer countries is the harvesting of plant parts for cooking fires. Imported fuels such as kerosene may be impracticable or unaffordable in remote regions. This zomb requires an analysis of how a manually-powered flywheel generator can run a simple but safe microwave cap, to cook food in a locally-supplied ceramic pot buried in the ground. The microwave cap and the flywheel generator components would be fabricated in an industrial country and supplied to the users. Users would perform a simple assembly of flywheels and fill the circular rim with water to supply inertial mass. More details in the attached file ZBL139X.pdf. (ZBL#139).

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Darin Ragozzine's review of the feasibility of cooking foods under remote bush conditions with microwave ovens is attached. It is released for public use and comment as is, and may be subject to later editorial amendment. Poly.

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I will design your project with steps below:

1)Theoretical work--------------IEEE papers 2)System simulation------------Matlab,Orcad,LTI 3)Component selection----------Digikey, mouser 4)Schematic design-------------Altium 5)PCB design-------------------Altium 6)Manufacturing and building board------manufacture company 7)Prototype test------------Labotary equipment

I have made several projects by using those steps

I promise that I will complete your project without any problem in expected time.

Any questions, you can ask me.

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