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Wanted, calculations for variations in energy received by the Earth because of its elliptical orbit.

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Status Vaulted: Sep 16, 2011 04:50


the Earth orbital mechanics solar radiation renewable energy


The orbit of the Earth round the Sun is not a perfect circle, instead it is an ellipse with an eccentricity of about 0.0167 (see The Sun sits at one of the two focus points of the ellipse. On July 4, the Earth is about 152.1 million km from the Sun, on January 3 about 147.3 million km. Because of this, radiation received by the Earth varies by about 7% in six months ( Over long time, eccentricity of Earth's orbit varies from 0.0034 to 0.058. Calculations are wanted (a graph plus table of representative values) to show how this figure of 7% is affected as orbital eccentricity changes, and how total annual heat received varies with orbital eccentricity. (ZBL#131).

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The amount of radiation the Earth receives from the Sun varies during the year because the Earth's orbit is elliptical (closest point in orbit is perihelion, farthest point is aphelion). The eccentricity (amount out of circularity) of Earth's orbit also varies over a multi-year period. The current zomb has calculations showing how the difference in radiation received over the year varies according to changes in the eccentricity of the orbit. The analysis also shows that orbital eccentricity changes have negligible influence on the total annual radiation received from the Sun.

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