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Calculation of the shape of the 2mm CMBR line if from interstellar particles.

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Status Vaulted: Jan 30, 2015 08:55


astrophysics spectra or spectral lines interstellar space gases CMBR radiation


Calculations are wanted for the shape of the intensity/wavelength curve for particles in interstellar space emitting at a particular quantum wavelength (2mm). Assume particles are travelling within a range of velocities, and that their photons are red-shifted or blue-shifted according to their velocities relative to the observer. Assume the velocity distribution curve of the particles is one typical of gas particles, with a mean (root-square) velocity matching that of an observed CMBR line peaking around 2mm as in the curve supplied. Further details and situation sketch in the attached file ZBL142X.pdf. (ZBL#142).

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The hypothesis investigated in this zomb is discussed in the attached PDF "Intensity spectrum of interstellar particles as a potential explanation of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation" by Abdullah Khalid. The report concluded that the hypothesis was not supported by the analysis.

The real origin of CMBR, merely standard black-body thermal radiation from cold ordinary matter very distant from stars, has since been determined. See: "The Oort Soup as the real origin of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation" at

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