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Baccarat Side Bet

Launcher JimKilby
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Computational mathematics


I am trying to create a side bet in the game of baccarat. I need some calculations in order to create the bet.

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  • daniel.branscombe
    Apr 07, 2012

    there is too much information to fit in this small window, I am going to send a spreadsheet with all of the odds in a private message.

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this is not a question, figured this was the easiest way to reply to you answer :-). Anyway, what I have done is use Mathematica to create a list of every possible 4,5, and 6 card hand (ignoring suit and order, so I see {1,2,3,4} the same as {2,3,1,4}) that can result from a game of bacarat. I am also keeping track of how many times each of these hands can occur as well as a count of how many 4,5, and 6 card hands result. Then based on the clarifications you have given me I can now run an analysis on those hands to determine in how many ways each of the types of poker hands can occur. The quick part was generating the initial hand list, the longer part will be the poker analysis, that is why I wanted to make sure I fully understood your needs before devoting all the CPU time to crunch the numbers.

Asked by daniel.branscombe on Apr 03, 2012

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Also, are you looking for 5 card straights and flushes in a 6-card hand? Or do you want the 5-card straights/flushes only when there are 5 cards?

Asked by daniel.branscombe on Apr 03, 2012



Good question. I am still in the development stage of this bet. I am trying to decide how the bet would be offered to the bettor. It all depends upon the probabilities. I am thinking that one of the winning combinations would be a "5-card straight" that could be achieved in either 5 or 6 cards. But on second thought it doesn't make much sense to pay on a 5 card straight with 6 cards dealt. When the player makes the initial bet, they have no idea whether the final hand will have a total of 4, 5, or 6 cards. Therefore, the pay table needs to be fairly simple. Exclude 5 card straights in 6 cards dealt. I see you have a background in gaming analysis. I taught casino management at UNLV for 20 years. I am open to any suggestions you might have. Glad to meet you. Thanks, Jim Kilby

The Paytable would look like this: (4-Card Final) 4-Kind Same Suit, 4-Kind Mixed Suit, Two Pair

(5-Card Final) 5 Card Royal Flush, 5 Card Straight Flush, 5 Kind Same Suit, 5 Kind Mixed Suit, 4 Kind Same Suit, 4 Kind Mixed Suit, Full-House, Flush, Straight

(6-Card Final) 6 Card Royal Flush, 6 Card Straight Flush, 6 Kind Same Suit, 6 Kind Mixed Suit, 5 Kind Same Suit, 5 Kind Mixed Suit, Full House (4+2), 6 Card Flush, 6 Card Straight, Two 3s, Three Pair

Obviously I can't include all the above combinations. I will have to pick and choose what would work best. The bet should end up with a hit frequency of between 10%-20% and the casino advantage should be around 9%-11%.


For the sraights, would I be correct in assuming that we are aloud to wrap around, that is, can we have a straight like K,A,2,3,4. Or is The Ace forced to be either a 1 or an A?

Asked by daniel.branscombe on Apr 02, 2012


That is correct, just like video poker.


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